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Introducing Our
Summer 2018 Collection!


What We Do

Here at Stall 17, we provide equestrians and their horses with the products they want, designed to fit both their personalities and lifestyles.

Our apparel is designed with the out-of-the-box equestrian in mind. Our spa and beauty products are made from natural ingredients. Our gift sets are customized for horse lovers of all kinds, making your shopping as easy as Pick, Click, Done.


Unique Designs

While many businesses focus on catering to the classy, chic, mainstream equestrian, we at Stall 17 recognize that horses and their riders come from all walks of life. While we do cater to classy, chic, and mainstream riders, we also cater to those who are a little out of the box. Eclectic. Unconventional. Dare we say weird?

Yes. Yes we do. 

Our apparel is designed to fit not only your equestrian lifestyle, but also your personality. We want to help you celebrate your uniquenesses--even though we all end up looking like soldiers from the 1700's in the show ring!

Quality Ingredients

Our products are made using natural, apothecary-grade ingredients--shea butter, beeswax, coconut oil, and our medley of essential oils, to name a few--and all with the benefit of horse and rider in mind.

Everything is handmade in small batches using ingredients that help naturally extend the shelf life of your products, as well. Coconut oil is popular in all our products, while vitamin E oil is favored by our lip recovery balm and variety of sugar scrubs.

Additionally, all of our essential oils are pure and intended for therapeutic or aroma-therapeutic applications. 

When it comes to our products for horses, we are meticulous and unyielding in our dedication to providing you with products that are safe and chemical-free. We know you value your horses as much as we do, and we want to help you give them the best care possible.

A Fresh Perspective

Our unique designs and uncompromising dedication to natural products add up to a fresh perspective on the horse industry as a whole, embodied by the citrus theme seen throughout our website and products.

Valuing our industry's roots and recognizing its influence throughout history doesn't have to mean we can't strive to adapt and evolve with the world around us, as well. As theories, methods, and more shift, so should the apparel, products, and equipment that go with it.

At Stall 17, our mission is to provide you and your horse with the products you need, made the way you want, curated to fit your lifestyle.


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