To provide horses and their people with the products they need, made the way they want, curated to fit their lifestyle.

Our Mission


To foster an industry that loves & values horses like members of our own family.

Our Vision

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Our Fearless Leader

See that adorable bald face over there? That's Sunny. And the chick with perennial dark circles under her eyes? That's me.

I'm Sara, and I'm the founder/CEO/fearless leader/whatever you wanna call it that started Stall 17. Sunny is the reason why. 

See, Sunny isn't exactly young. He's been retired for over a decade now and suffers from navicular, but that hasn't stopped his playful, spirited, "Watch me buck and run on my bad front hooves, mom!" antics, which has led to a lot of stress and many sleepless nights for me. Thus the dark circles. 

sunny on front porch.JPG

Sunny's health care costs grow with every blessed birthday he celebrates, so in order to afford everything my old man needs, I opened Stall 17 in early 2018 in the hopes of supporting him.

When it came to deciding what products I would offer, that was a total no-brainer. You see, his navicular is notably worse in his left front, which has led to him compensating by leaning more weight on his right rear. Cue an overdeveloped right haunch.

While I can't do much for the navicular itself, I did discover a few creams, sprays, and goos that definitely help better his quality of life, including a muscle relief cream perfect for that overdeveloped muscle and some joint/tendon/ligament spray for his front legs.

(Of course, I don't just sell those. That would be boring.)

I know you care about your horse(s) just as much as I care about Sunny.

That's why I take special care to make all of my spa products for horse and rider by hand here in Georgia, USA. The essential oil blends I use are vet-approved, and I'm working on getting certified as an essential oil practitioner, as well. 

We can't wait to help you discover your new favorites!

(P.S. In case you're curious who the "we" I keep referring to is, it's Sunny and me. Not that my entire world revolves around the old fart or anything...)