Our favorite ways to relax and unwind after a long day at the barn

There's nothing quite like spending a long day at the barn. Yeah, barn chores are involved, but who cares when you get to spend all day hanging out at your best friend's place? (Assuming your horse is your best friend, anyway.) Once that long day ends, though, those barn chores catch up fast. Here are 6 of our favorite ways to relax and unwind after a long day at the barn.

6 relaxation ideas after a long day at the barn

1. Yoga

Barn chores are a necessary part of horse ownership, and they may be enjoyable to some, but several hours of mucking stalls, carrying water buckets and hay bales, cleaning tack, and scrubbing water troughs can take a toll on your muscles.

When it comes to tense muscles, a little light stretching can go a long way. We suggest focusing on easy yoga poses that target the areas you're most tense, and rounding out your routine with a few yoga poses that stretch out the rest of your body, too.

2. Binge on your favorite TV show

When a long day at the barn takes more of a mental toll than a physical one, we love camping out on the couch with Netflix or Hulu. Whether you're a fan of thriller-esque police procedurals like Criminal Minds or fluffy equestrian dramas like Heartland, settling down with your favorite TV show can be a great way to unwind after a rough day at the barn.

3. Read a book

Reading works a lot like watching TV, only more immersive. When you read, your brain is forced to translate written words into images in your mind, and it forces you to focus on your book rather than how bad your feet or shoulders hurt.

4. Listen to music

There's no arguing that music has a profound effect on a person. After a long day, listening to your favorite music can help you relax and unwind. Many experts suggest listening to classical music or instrumentals as those seem to have the greatest effects, but if Latin or metal is more your thing, then we say go for it!

5. Cup of tea

A nice, hot cup of tea may not sound like the best idea if it's hot out, but some brews are worth it, and others you can totally get in a cold brew version. Chamomile can help you fall asleep, white tea and brews with hibiscus in them can help lower blood pressure, black teas can help expand airways (a great benefit for asthmatics), and green tea is high in antioxidants, can have a relaxing effect, and tastes great with a little lemon and honey. 

6. Take a bath

This option does double duty after a long day at the barn because while you're relaxing, the hot water is helping soften and loosen up the dirt and sweat on your skin. We suggest settling into a hot bath with one of our bath bombs -- choose from Confidence, Breathe Easy, and Green Tea. No time for a bath? Go for a shower steamer, instead!