Our Spring/Summer 2018 Collection is on its way!

It's almost April, and spring is upon us! So naturally, it's about time I put together a Spring/Summer collection! 

I'm really excited about this collection because it's going to be expanding the handmade spa gifts line with some exciting new items: essential oil sprays ideal for moody mares, achy muscles, and keeping those pesky bugs away, as well as a cooling foot and leg cream for riders.

I'm also going to add a few new gifts to our lineup, including water bottles, leather keychains in a couple different varieties, and some new products featuring silhouette art, my favorite art style.

Lastly, all our most popular designs are going to make the transition from long sleeve tees or products onto short sleeve tees and tanks! Gotta have those for summer, right? ;) 

Spring and summer should be pretty interesting! Make sure you join the mailing list (below) and follow Stall 17 on social media (especially Instagram!) so you don't miss out. I'm planning a few different launch week events to celebrate, too!